Little Sister: The “Safe” Spot

Little Sister: The “Safe” Spot

Oh hey there, blog! Long time, no see. While I meant to blog through my second pregnancy, sometimes the best of intentions just don’t turn into action. So, as of my last post, we were just about to enter our 11-week stretch of weekly scans to check for heart block. I was terrified, and the road ahead looked so daunting and endless. Obviously, days pass as they always do, but it seemed so impossible.

Yet, here I am. It’s June 12th, and today marked our last of the 11 weekly heart block scans. Our pediatric cardiologist told us that, of the cases of heart block he’s seen/known about, it’s probably 99.9% that are diagnosed within weeks 16 to 26. So, today’s scan was at 26 weeks and 2 days, and that officially puts us out of the woods for that scary 20% heart block recurrence rate.

I’m honestly not positive how I made it through that stretch of time with any sanity still in tact. I worked really hard at taking the entire thing day by day, because thinking about anything beyond that was too difficult to face. The scans, especially in the beginning, made my heart race with nerves. It felt like life and death every time, as an early heart block diagnosis means almost certain demise.

It was hard. Really hard.

But somehow…here we are, and I just couldn’t be happier! I can’t believe we’re finally here, at our “safe” mark. Sure, there are plenty of other things that can go wrong in a pregnancy, but our monster, heart block, is unlikely to get us now.

So, what’s next? Well, now we actually prepare ourselves for parenthood! I was far too afraid of heart block before the last couple weeks or so to do any preparing. I had a lot of hope and bought a couple things, but it was so scary that Jonah’s condition might show up in his little sister.

Now, I get to be like a “normal” pregnant mom. I get to paint the nursery, buy the crib, register for baby gifts, have a shower, read some baby books…so many things I never got to do for my son <3

I know Jonah has been there in my heart and watching over me and his little sister this whole time, and he and my mom continue to do so. I can feel it in my soul.


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